2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I spent six years in service, four of them in Europe. GI benefits helped me buy a house and helped me in college (keyword: helped).

    Yesterday I met a former 20-yr veteran who works as a medic at the VA hospital. He urged me to go activate an account because “There are rumors about the collapse of Medicare”.

    This morning I fished out a file copy of my DD-214 and plan on taking his advice.

    — George

    • I’m not as concerned about the collapse of Medicare as about more looming changes to Tri-Care, George.

      More than 170,000 retired military personnel and their family members have already absorbed significant changes to their medical care when the Pentagon reduced the Tricare Prime service areas to within a 40-mile radius of active or former military installations on October 1, according to ArmyTimes. Further changes are expected January 1 as military budget cuts eat into the funds available.

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