Shut Down

For 10 days, every MSM news outlet and every elected Demonbrat reported that the House Repuglicans “refuse to pass a budget unless it shuts down ObamaCare.”

That, of course, is not exactly true.

For 10 days, the House Repuglicans have passed about 47 budgets so far; the Senate Demonbrats have refused to consider any of them and Obama has stated publicly he will “veto any bill that shuts down ObamaCare.”

Who is refusing what?

For 10 days, John Boehner (R-OH) and Harry Reid (D-NV) lobbed the spending bill back and forth.

Mr. Reid sent the Senate home on Sunday.

The bill would have prevented the government from running out of money at 11:59:59 p.m. last night.

Mouse with smaller craniumMr. Reid sent “his” Senate home when Mr. Boehner passed “his” conference request last night.

And we pay these airheads to work for us?

There are 800,000 “furloughed” federal workers this morning. Each and every one of them should go to the Capitol and demand our money back.


4 thoughts on “Shut Down

  1. Speaking of above average (or not), results on Vermont’s statewide science exams continue to show that more than half of the state’s students achieve at or below grade level in science. Maybe we should send them all to Lake Woebegone.

    Or to Congress.

  2. Since the 800,000 government workers who are not working (as in furloughed) are not getting paid, the it makes sense that Congress not get paid since they are not working, either. They haven’t in years.

    ps- I forgot to click the fruit the first time.

  3. Your perspective is correct. My question is this: given what we ALREADY KNOW about Obamacare, what should the Republicans do differently?

    • It’s not about what the Repuglicans should do differently. It’s not even about what the Demonbrats should do differently.

      It’s all about what the Congress should do differently. We pay ’em to work. They ain’t.

      Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick of PA turned in his paycheck. Now all we need is to get the rest of them to turn in their resignations.

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