The Post-Tribune reported on a murder and nobody cared.

Other than the fringe bloggers, no one is outraged that three men choked and shot 24-year-old Jacqueline Gardner to death and stole the tip money she earned as a waitress.

Jacqueline Gardner85 Dollars.

Ms. Gardner suffered and died right outside her Hidden Lake apartment. Her 8-month-old daughter, Alessandra, will never know her mother. Her 4-year-old daughter, Bobbie, will remember her mother and wonder why no one cared.

They killed her for $85.

No one held vigils. There were no demonstrations. Social media was silent.

Where was the NAACP after that 2012 murder in Schererville, Indiana? After all, they were outraged in Florida over Trayvon Martin’s death. Where was Bill Moyers? He, too, was in Florida to deplore the George Zimmerman verdict. Where was Alec Baldwin? OK. Alec Baldwin was making another commercial; no one cares what plane he was on.

Where were the 47,800 outraged tweets per minute, tweets that surpassed the peak for the Sandy Hook massacre?

Where was Ellen Page (@EllenPage) who tweeted “If u really believe racism isnt a massive problem, that the oppression of minorities is not a horrific and systemic issue. U R in denial.”

Where was Dwyane Wade who asked, “How do I explain this to my young boys????”

Where was QTip who wrote “Can’t be surprised… Black life has no value in this country,” in a tweet that was shared more than 2,000 times?

Where was Barack Obama who could have adopted this young woman from his own Chicago metropolitan area “who could have been [his daughter]”?

I know where they were. They were nowhere to be found.

They were nowhere to be found because Jacqueline Gardner was a woman. Women get killed sometimes.

They were nowhere to be found because Jacqueline Gardner was white. Whites aren’t victims.

They were nowhere to be found because Stephen Lee Henderson, Michael A. Craig, and William Blasingame III, all charged with the murder of Jacqueline Gardner, are all black. In the universe of the 47,800 outraged tweeters per minute, even black murderers are the victims and “it’s not fair to play the race card.”

Even Google is nearly silent about Ms. Gardner’s fate.


3 thoughts on “Outrage!

  1. Hundreds of supporters gathered in Vermont yesterday to “discuss” the verdict.

    The debate is reminding me of how mindless everyone in politics has become. The Zimmerman case is just the latest example. On both sides.

  2. All those protesters and vigil-holders were utterly absent regarding Jacqueline Gardner because their handlers weren’t pointing them in that direction.

    You can’t blame them completely… their “handlers” include the news media. They couldn’t think about Jacqueline because they didn’t KNOW. (Of course, it would have taken more than that…)

    We are soooooooo screwed. The superficial trappings of Orwell’s “1984” may be missing. But the rest seems to be solidly in place.

  3. The mutual acquaintances Herr Blogmeister mentions in his personal alert e-mail to this blogpost are not, themselves, inhumanely un-outraged by the slaughter of Jacqueline Gardner; however, it simply does not jibe well for anyone of a liberal bent to belabor instances in opposition to that wayward ideology. To do so would mark them as moderate liberals; and we all know how everyone feels about moderates.

    Now that GZ has been found not guilty of any (any) malfeasance in this case, more info is coming to light regarding the thuggery of the victim. We on the Right knew of these hallmark delinquent traits–and perhaps the Left did also and opted to stay silent about them. Who can say? Only God (and The Shadow) knows “what evil lurks in the hearts of men”. Dam that was a good show.

    — George

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