4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. When I was a child in WWII Dallas, TX, I recall our 5th grade teacher being so exicted one Monday morning about the Autumn colors of the leaves. Apparently a cold snap had blown in over the weekend, and the trees had been affected in just those two days.

    Looking back now, I realize that she was merely trying to open the eyes of our understanding about the changing seasons; but at the time, I remember thinking that she was quite simple because I had always observed this phenomenon.

    To me it was no big deal. Still isn’t.

    — George

  2. @George: “no big deal…”

    Until very recently, Joyce Kilmer had it hands down: only God could make a tree.

    Last year at MIT, Daniel Nocera announced his “artificial leaf” which, like living leaves, turns sunlight directly chemical fuel. The magic is a solar cell with catalytic materials bonded on its two sides in a container of water; when exposed to sunlight, it generates bubbles of oxygen and hydrogen. The leaf is made of abundant, inexpensive materials (mostly silicon, cobalt and nickel) and works in ordinary water.

  3. I heard that Daniel Nocera’s creation turned to him and mouthed a familiar phrase from a revered movie: “I AM the Adam of your labors”.

    Dam, that was a good flick.

    — George

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