Democratic National Convention

Barack Obama accepts his party’s nomination for President of the United States tonight. He says America is better off because he has been in charge.

This is “better off”? Are they nuts?

Obama Record

“It’s the economy, stupid!”

5 thoughts on “Democratic National Convention

  1. If Mr. Obama had introduced the new iPhone at the convention last night, this election would already be over.


    FWIW, I simply could not believe that the Dems would use Teddy Kennedy’s great remark asking us to compare today’s Democratic Party (and president) to their past glories. After all, that’s exactly what the Republicans say we should do.

  2. I have steadfastly objected to the use of the $1.84/gallon number for gasoline at the time of The Obamanation’s inauguration as a basis of comparison. The economy was utterly tanked at that point. I was thinking maybe $2.50 would be fairer. Then I looked up the data…

    During the first 4 years of the Dubya presidency it was pretty steady at about $1.60/gal. But then it started seriously going up even before Pelosi/Reid took over Congress in ‘07. As you can see from the link, it has just resumed the trend it had after the early ’90’s. Of course, it is obvious that The Obamanation has done nothing to IMPROVE the situation.

  3. Man does not live by milk alone… I believe George Poleczek has some numbers for the real inflation of a range of groceries… and that they are all as bad or worse than what you show.

  4. Rufus poses a similar question to the one I did over there: Has your paycheck quadrupled since gas cost a buck?

    It’s a good question, but a distraction from the real question of this election: Are you better off than you were 3-1/2 years ago?

    Mr. Obama says America is better off because he has been in charge.

    Mr. Obama lies.

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