Happy Poly Moment, II

Despite my abundent furriness, both North and South Puffin have been a fur free zone for a few years. We were blessed with Ruffy, our rowdy, white (and photogenic) cat for over twenty years. In a stroke of good luck, the local Humane Society lent us TMWCNBNITNG (whom we named Gwendolyn Dandelion Whine or Wendy, for short) for a long weekend and we kept forgetting to take her back. See, Ruff was lonely and they really hit it off.

FriendsI hate to think what the overdue fine is by now.

Wendy and Ruff have been gone for a few years now, so I live in a fur-free zone. I love cats and dogs. This is the only the second extended period of my life without one or the other around. (The first was in college when, like now, I wasn’t around enough to give a pet continuous attention.)

When I get the opportunity, I stock up on fur time.


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3 thoughts on “Happy Poly Moment, II

  1. This being posted on April 1st has made me cautiously light of heart; so, here goes.

    The local Rent-A-Dog-R-Us franchise contracted with Kroger supermarket chain to receive 1% of all retail sales made to holders of the store’s courtesy card–excluding purchases of gas from their service facility, tobacco and alcohol.

    They are a non-profit organization, and last year they got about $25 from me. I have yet to use their lend-lease services because I have no shortage of fur at my house.

    If Herr Blogmeister is still in business next April, mebbe he will post something about cat gack.

    — George

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