Our Happy Poly Moment

Nancy says she “was a minor celebrity yesterday” but that’s not quite true. She tells the story of several of her Worlds Coming Together over here.

We Three Kings - Photo Credit gekkoIn reality, we three kings were the minor celebrities and she was the Center of Attention.

But on these pages, IAAM so this would be my story. After all, I AM™ first-and-foremost a storyteller. Traditional stories often start with the phrase “Once upon a time” but so many modern tales captured on Youtube began with “Hold my beer and watch this.” I rather like the ones with the implied, “You ain’t gonna believe this…”

This story starts exactly that way. It turns out that TUFKAS loves to tell stories too and (J) is altogether fine at the art as well. We regaled each other for quite a while, before the trash can pizzas came out of the “oven.”

The picture tells pretty much all of it: “It was THIS big!” I told them. And they had the good grace to believe me.

A pretty nice day.

[Editor’s Note: Nancy and I shared a four-part polylocution plus these Afterglow posts. Please visit her piece, World’s Coming Together, and use The Poly Posts index for the entire series and for other resources.]