George’s Rant

It is too bad you don’t have a blog heading captioned as:  GEORGE’S RANT.  If you did, it would give me a chance to… well, to rant.  So, let me do it anyway.

A month ago I went to Sam’s Club Courtesy Booth (a misnomer) and signed up for a Sam’s Club Discover Card that would give me a 2% discount on all purchases–both at Sam’s and at other businesses as well.

The card never came in the mail, and Mrs George admonished me to call and cancel the application and ask for a new one in order to preclude getting my account hacked by anyone who might have filched the card and used it.  I did so.

It took ten minutes to navigate the Sam’s Club Credit dept telephone tree of options; but I hung in there and finally got a real, live human voice who took care of the paperwork and got me lined out to receive another card — with a new acct number — in the mail.

However, when I drove to Sam’s Club an hour later and tried to buy something, they informed me that my membership had been cancelled.  That wasn’t part of the deal.

I had a cart full of groceries, which I had to leave aside while I went *up front* and pled my case.  They eyed me suspiciously and gave me a temp Sam’s card; and, of course, they misspelled my name. They spelled it Polachek — like it sounds.

I called Mrs George from my *made-in China* cellular phone and told her to open the pub so I would be able to unwind when I got home.  She told me to drive slowly and hold off until after twelve because we have a house rule against drinking before noon.


— George

2 thoughts on “George’s Rant

  1. These courtesy booths are sometimes also referred to as “customer service booths.”

    When I was a kid, growing up on the dairy farm, cows would come into heat periodically, and we would take the amorous milker in question out to the bull’s pen “to be serviced.”

    I guess that is sort of what they mean by customer service?

    I enjoyed the rant, George.


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