4 thoughts on “Well-nigh Wordless Wednesday

  1. Squishy.


    Too small for supper. It was a wee bit crunchy. Except for the squishy center.

    I figure the little feller came down the flu (I don’t know how else it got in there) and was either trying to get away from the heat or get closer to it when it decided to do the hamster dance on the spinning exhaust blades. They were faster than it was. I’m not sure if the first clunk I heard was the dance on the way in or the dance on the way out.

    This stove has an odd combination of elegant design, meaning something I would do and offensive design, meaning something a 10th grader who had never wrenched a car would dream up. Taking it apart was eventually not too bad, but whilst replacing the parts I discovered that two of the 27 black, #8 size Phillips head, pan head screws had machine threads and all the others had self tapping threads.

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