One thought on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This graphic does not look promising.

    Today at the gym the assnt mgr came up to me and offered me a job. It was a real easy job, one that only requires that I show up at an early hour, turn on a few electronic switches and be at the ready to greet early morning members at a time when they are at their most pissed-offist. I know how to do that because I did it at the YMCA for years.

    In fact, he already had that info from my non-existant resume’ because another member, who knew me from the Y, had recommended that he contact me and see if I was interested — and he was quick to mention that in the early stages of our conversation.

    Other virtues that qualified me for the job — said he — was that I was retired, didn’t need the money and would probably be content to work only about five hours a day.

    He went on to say that the job didn’t pay much — a fact that I had already figured out.

    In other words, he needed someone to work, and I was the perfect candidate. He said so.

    Do I need an extra $40 a day and something to do from five ayem until ten? Sure. Forty bucks a day adds up over a five-day period and will buy nice trinkets for my cats to play with — which I will need for them if I’m taken away those five precious hours each day.

    I told him I’d think about it.

    My point is that the job is viable, but it hardly pays enough for anyone to use as a survival intent in this day and time. $40 a day will (seriously) easily feed me and Mrs George (and the cats), but it would not sustain a full family who had no additional funds coming in.

    So, what of the green, bottom dotted line on the chart? How many of those scant job openings are of the quality I just described above? I doubt seriously if this one is included in that graphic stat, but who can say.

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