Guest Post: George says Peppers and Beans Planted

I put the title in larger letters because I’ve been struggling with that chore for over a week — I having been hampered by a combination of soil conditions, other important tasks and laziness.

I am nearly a month behind in my seed planting because of an unusually wet and cool Spring. It’s all that global warming that Algor has spread around.

Every time I intended to get (re)started, one of the hamperings would show up to stop me. Later today I will get the cucumbers planted <finally> and set some onions.

Last week I planted half a jar of pickles and some macaroni, but nothing came up. I think the bugs got to it. I love macaroni because you can push the middle out of it and get spaghetti. Most people don’t know that.

These pepper plants were in a bio-degradable pot that you can just set in a hole with ample fertilizer and cover it adequately with soil. No transplanting shock.

A glance at the clock revealed it to be past 12 noon, which is the legal pub opening time on Sunday here in this One Nation Under God. So, to show her appreciation for my diligence, Mrs Geno just brought me a meatloaf sandwich and a bottle of Mexican beer.

BTW, bio-degradable pot is the only kind my Canadian friend Deadfloyd will smoke.

Isn’t this an interesting message?

— George Poleczech