Old joke:

How do you tell if a politician is lying?
His lips are moving.

What is wrong with people today?

Credit card offers packed the sale fliers today. Credit card offers jam my email inbox. Newspapers report that there is no money around to lend. Hello?

Politicians said the sky had fallen.

The news media picked it up.

The stock market dipped.

Politicians beat up the bankers.

The news media picked it up

Bank stocks slid to nothing.

Politicians said real estate tax revenues had crashed.

The news media picked it up.

The stock market tanked.

Politicians beat up General Motors. Oh, sure, they beat up all three automakers but they hammered General Motors unmercifully.

The news media picked it up

Car stocks crashed.

Just as lower prices are drawing more buyers to the troubled condo market, federal rules are making it even harder for them to get loans,” the Miami Herald reported today.

God help us, doesn’t everyone see the pattern here? It’s no joke.

2 thoughts on “Stymied

  1. News media picked both parties’ political candidates and now continue to steer the winner just like Dale Earnhart drove into the wall.

    Show me an operation that’s not influenced by media, and I’ll show you a sun-screened toddler filling his colorful bucket with sand.


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