The Great Global Black Out

Did you do it? Did you join The Great Global Black Out to celebrate global warming today?

The World Wildlife Federation targeted Earth Hour 2009 on more than one billion people in 1,000 cities worldwide to send a “powerful global message” to the world leaders who will attend the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagenin December. Global landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House, and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square all went dark in this monument to bad science.

I hope, in turning off your lights, you remembered the lights on the VCR and the microwave oven and most assuredly the light in the refrigerator. Opening the fridge for beer would definitely break the spell. After all, the Far Green (that would be the folks who dreamed up the Great Global Black Out) also want us to believe I can burn 167 KW-Hrs per month with the little LEDs and incandescent lights I have running in North Puffin.

We are safe, though. I turned all of my lights on to avoid the Pico Ice Age caused by the sudden cessation of heat-emitting filaments.

It is worth noting that the imagery for Earth Hour includes a person holding an open flame to bring light unto the darkness.

For more facts about “Global Warming” visit the Petition Project where more than 31,000 American scientists have stated unequivocally that no convincing scientific evidence ties human activity to the disruption of the Earth’s climate. Those scientists include the past president of the National Academy of Sciences.