We have just sent this message to Senators Pat Leahy (D-VT), Mel Martinez (R-FL), Bill Nelson (D-FL), and Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Bill Nelson was once again the only congress critter to have “Stimulus Bill” as an entry on his email topic list.

Many experts, including Congress’ own CBO, say the stimulus bill will at best do no good.Many experts, including me, say the stimulus bill will hurt the economy in the long run.Please vote down the stimulus bill.

Do what Congress does best: do nothing. Spend the remainder of this session worrying about Alex Rodriguez’ steroid use.

I wish I had some confidence that the mob had not taken over the Halls of Congress. OTOH, thinking for themselves is probably how we got here in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Stimulating

  1. The Democrats are pikers. Pikers, I tell you. They have certainly missed the boat with this tiny economic package.

    I wanted to make the point in another venue that, when Congress did what Congress does best with a House vote of 246-183 and a Senate vote of 60-38, they would spend more in a single bill than the total cost of every war fought by this country.

    I was incorrect in my assessment.

    In fact, I was waaaaaaaaaay off.

    The cash cost to the U.S. of World War II alone was $288 billion (in 1945 dollars), a figure which may not include the additional $50 billion in Lend Lease aid. In 2006 dollars, the cost to the U.S. would be over five trillion dollars.

    President Obama will sign the small measure in Denver on Tuesday.

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